Do I need a smart speaker to use a Kenzie? 

This is a common misconception, all Kenzies ship with the stuffed plug that fits firmly in the base to ensure that your Kenzie is a stuffed companion first and a smart speaker cover second!

 What are Kenzies made of? 

Kenzies are made of an acrylic yarn with a polyester fill. They do not contain and buttons and are one-hundred percent handmade in the United States and Mexico!

What Kenzies fit what smart speakers?

Amazon Echo and Google Home devices fit all of our taller Kenzies (i.e. Brie the Bear, Nala the Giraffe, Gizmo the Cat, etc.) 

The Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini fit our smaller Kenzies (i.e. Hamilton the Frog and Sir-Inks-Alot the Octopus) 

You may notice that there is a directory to where you can buy your device if you do not already own one on the "Home Page".

Do Kenzies fit on other objects other than smart speakers? 

Yes. Kenzies can fit on any object of similar size to the speaker they are paired with. Some examples of what they have fit on are candles (for storage) and jars to help storage blend seamlessly into your home, hidden from sight.